Genuine Psychotherapy (GP) training is a four-year postgraduate course. It includes: theoretical framework, practice focused on specific issues and real effectiveness, group work and periodic workshops, personal therapy, work under supervision, clinical internship (400 hours), thesis and final exams.

The school trains in the profession of Genuine Psychotherapist, preparing its specialists in a strategic quality theoretical vision, going into pragmatically effective psychotherapeutic practice.




The training is suitable for specialists or students of psychology, doctors, cognitive scientists, dentists, health professionals, social workers, specialized pedagogues, speech therapists, for graduates of humanitarian disciplines, pedagogues, theatrical performer, art critics, theologians and comparative theologians, as well as for anyone serious interest in psychotherapy. Certificate in the profession of Genuine Psychotherapist is issued after successful completion of training, presentation of a quality thesis, passing the final theoretical and practical exams, clinical experience and covering the necessary hours of work under supervision. When the training background of the specialists is different from psychology or medicine, the qualification in the profession of Genuine Psychotherapist is possible after completing a master’s degree in psychology. This could be allowed along with the Genuine Psychotherapy training.

Studying and, even more, practice of the profession Genuine Psychotherapist are suitable for personally mature, character-integrated, emotionally stable and adequately socially present individuals. Training is not recommended for those experiencing psychosis or maladaptive character accentuations, personality disorders, characteropathies. During the four academic years, the trainees periodically appear for an interview, certifying the character’s suitability for continuing the education.


The Bulgarian Association for Genuine Psychotherapy (BAGP) is part of the global psychotherapeutic family, being an organizational member of EUROTAS and also being part of the International Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (EHS).
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More information:

Personal experience

Participation in individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and workshops is considered a personal psychotherapeutic experience. In Genuine Psychotherapy, the required hours of personal experience are 400. The hours of personal psychotherapy and supervision vary individually, with a mandatory minimum of 150 hours, respectively. At the discretion of the educators, additional hours of personal psychotherapy and supervised work may be recommended.

Training hours

The international standards for training in the so demanding psychotherapeutic profession are for a total of 3200 hours of training, as 1800 from the previous university education in psychology, medicine or other specialized course in psychotherapy, and the rest are covered and exceeded by training in Genuine Psychotherapy school.